Health Behavior Change Plan: Health Belief Model & Yoga

When working on my mini health behavior change plan for my Theory of Health Behavior class I worked with a plan for each individual level theory that we studied: Health Belief Model, Theory of Planned Behavior, and Transtheoretical Model. The behavior change I was, an am, working towards is to practice yoga 5 days per week for 30 minutes each time. With the end goal being to reduce stress and increase flexibility.

Yoga is a very beneficial form of exercise, incorporating strength, balance, stretching, and even stress reduction and spirituality. I am personally interested in all of these qualities but am focusing on posture and stress reduction. There are many studies reviewing the stress relieving and posture improving qualities that yoga can have on one practicing. Here are a few examples that I like:

Habitual Body Posture and Mountain Position of People Practising Yoga

Mindfulness and Levels of Stress- A Comparison of Beginner and Advanced Hatha Yoga Practitioners

Yoga can benefit most individuals, especially in a time where many people spend several hours of their days at a computer, everything moves at a fast pace, and a lot is demanded from your limited time. This applies to students like myself and professionals in the field of public health.

Yoga is something that most people can practice, no matter their fitness level or previous experience. I looked over the 3 behavior change plans that I developed in class and chose the one that I think is the best and want to follow to facilitate this change in my life. I have posted the Health Belief Model version of my behavior change plan here for anyone who is interested in incorporating yoga into their life, or knows someone who could benefit from this plan. (Click the chart to get a larger view.)


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