Social and Behavioral Core

After learning a little more about the social and behavioral aspects in public health, which is my MPH concentration, there are a few resources I would like to share.

First is I want to share two videos on health educators. It is common for people to envision health educators in the role of health class teachers in schools. However, this is only one of many settings a health educator can work as a professional.

I think these videos do a great job of displaying what health educators do, and who they are.

Another important aspect of public health, as a student, and as someone who will soon be entering the field as a professional, is the job outlook. I am interested in whether this field is growing and if it is expected to have available jobs in the coming years. After reviewing some articles in class, I went on a search of my own and found this great resource:

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook: Health Educators

This website gives a detailed look at health educators including: median pay, education needed for an entry-level job, and then gives more details on what health educators do, where they work, how to become one and so on. This screen print gives a quick peek at what information is available to you on this page. There are also pages for hundreds of other jobs in all sectors. I think this is a great place to learn some basic knowledge on any job that you might be considering.


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